Applied Energy Solutions, Inc.

Applied Energy Solutions, Inc. (AES) is an Oklahoma-based energy services company that specializes in the design, specifications, and installation of energy efficient systems for industrial and commercial applications. AES currently performs work over North America for companies and school systems. Our company excels in its quality control of work performed, attention to detail and reporting, timeliness of service, and lack of business disruptions to its clients.

Founded in 1998 and based in Caddo, Oklahoma, AES has built a positive track record with its client base through quality work provided by quality employees giving attention to thoroughness and accuracy.

Our customer focus is Fortune 500 type customers that are building and implementing operational cost savings strategies across a national network of facilities.

Because Applied Energy Solutions, Inc. engineers each project in a vendor-neutral fashion, you can be confident that you have the right solution…not the easiest solution.

Applied Energy Solutions, Inc. is a Native American owned business that also focuses on Federal & State Government programs to rollout energy efficient programs throughout the United States of America.

Thinking About Your Future

Applied Energy Solutions, through our national buying agreements from equipment manufacturers, can provide you with vendor neutral support so that the end product is not only cost efficiency, but also up to your expectations and requirements.