Energy Efficient Lighting

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With new developments in lighting technology, we have found ways to increase the opportunities to cut your energy costs. As you know, lighting represents a major portion of your electric costs. However, Applied Energy Solutions can help you obtain substantial savings that go straight to your bottom line. With our Lighting Enhancement Program we can retrofit your existing lighting system and can reduce your lighting energy costs up to 65 percent.

Applied Energy Solutions has developed an alliance system that allows us to be vendor neutral so that product preference is up to you, the customer. AES provides the technology standards needed to decrease energy consumption while maintaining or improving the quality of light.

Modern efficient lighting offers great benefits and with our Shared Savings Option you can expect them to be inclusive of:

  • Tremendous Energy Savings
  • Immediate Payback with Zero-Capital Outlay
  • Higher Visual Comfort Due to Glare Reduction
  • Lower Cooling Costs - from Lower Heat Generation
  • Environmentally Responsible with Proper Documented Disposal
  • Reduced Maintenance - Product Replacement by AES

Applied Energy Solutions strives to eliminate all worries from risk. We also understand that with change comes uncertainty. Our Lighting Enhancement Program is risk-free financially and emotionally. We offer a turnkey installation performed at your convenience during the day or after hours. Let Applied Energy Solutions light up your future now.


Thinking About Your Future

Applied Energy Solutions, through our national buying agreements from equipment manufacturers, can provide you with vendor neutral support so that the end product is not only cost efficiency, but also up to your expectations and requirements.