Utility Analysis & Rate Renegotiation

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Applied Energy Solutions always takes the steps needed to keep our customers abreast of any new technology that might help their bottom line. With today's continuing deregulation of utilities, Applied Energy Solutions can serve as your comprehensive resource for the new opportunities and questions that may arise. With our nationwide alliances, we are now able to assist you with:

  • Co–generation Proformas and Analysis
  • Rate Analysis
  • Rate Renegotiation
  • Peak Shaving
  • Natural Gas Bypass
  • Auditing
  • State and Federal Codes (FERC)

We currently have experience in the states where deregulation has occurred and licensed with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to perform power marketing for the purchase of electricity and gas in the United States. Again, Applied Energy Solutions is constantly seeking new ways to make life and your bottom–line look a little better.


Thinking About Your Future

Applied Energy Solutions, through our national buying agreements from equipment manufacturers, can provide you with vendor neutral support so that the end product is not only cost efficiency, but also up to your expectations and requirements.